AquaWeb-Email and AquaBill-Sundry Debtors live at East Gippsland Water

Two new products have been installed, tested and promoted into production at East Gippsland Water. These new products, AquaWeb & AquaBill, will have a direct impact on the productivity within the revenue area. Through tight integration the old external data sources (Access DB and Excel files) will no longer be required as all information is now stored in the corporate SQL database.

The sundry debtor module is linked to the AquaWeb product and Information Statement billing to Solicitors is linked to the production of the statements which now can be emailed directly through AquaWeb. Customers can also request invoices to be emailed to them either on a permanent basis or through an Ad-Hoc process.

The manager of the revenue area Carol Ross was pleased with the ease of use of the module and how the staff looked forward to using the facilities the following day.