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Aquantify White Paper Presented at WIOA

Catherine HuffAwardCatherine Huf from Wannon Water recently presented a technical paper at the 2013 Water Industry Operators Association Conference in Bendigo. The paper was entitled “Aquantify - Enabling efficient recording and reporting of plant performance and water quality.”

Catherine’s presentation created quite a bit of interest from other delegates attending the conference. We were thrilled when Catherine was awarded the Hepburn Prize for the best overall paper presented at the conference.

Thinking Windows staff also attended the two day conference as part of our desire to continually increase our own knowledge of this part of the water industry.

AquaWeb-Email and AquaBill-Sundry Debtors live at East Gippsland Water

Two new products have been installed, tested and promoted into production at East Gippsland Water. These new products, AquaWeb & AquaBill, will have a direct impact on the productivity within the revenue area. Through tight integration the old external data sources (Access DB and Excel files) will no longer be required as all information is now stored in the corporate SQL database.

The sundry debtor module is linked to the AquaWeb product and Information Statement billing to Solicitors is linked to the production of the statements which now can be emailed directly through AquaWeb. Customers can also request invoices to be emailed to them either on a permanent basis or through an Ad-Hoc process.

The manager of the revenue area Carol Ross was pleased with the ease of use of the module and how the staff looked forward to using the facilities the following day.

AquaWeb – Email goes live at Wannon Water

AquaWeb is the AquaRate Web add-on to the AquaRate suite. This module allows automated delivery of customer bills via email. The functionality extends to reminder statements and final notices. The system also supports ad-hoc emailing, where customers call for duplicate accounts to be re-sent. This same architecture was then extended to include manually requested Information Statements. This new functionality has made a dramatic impression on the revenue staff.

Another boring, repetitive manual process has ceased at Wannon Water (to the delight of the Customer Relations team) with the introduction of the new emailing functionality. Those customers & solicitors who have expressed a desire to have their invoices, information statements and copies of invoices or updated information statements “delivered” by email are now being efficiently serviced with a click of a button.

Robyn Phillips, Customer Relations Manager


AquaStats v10.10 goes live at Wannon Water

AquaStats, the AquaRate statistical package, has received a major boost in functionality and has now gone into production at Wannon Water. Many new views of key billing and CRM stats are now available to be interrogated and downloaded. The payment, payment arrangement and Account debt movement views have been particularly well received. A new scheduling mechanism was delivered with this release to enable easy administration of the data collection processes.

AquaBill live at Wannon Water

AquaBill, the AquaRate Sundry Debtor module, has gone live at Wannon Water. AquaRate release 10.10 was installed over the weekend and AquaBill was included in the package. The Revenue Department is looking forward to the new facilities to produce Sundry Debtor accounts. At the forefront is the automation surrounding Information Statement production.

Combining automatic Sundry charges, predefined Notes, and coupled with the Open Spatial Plot engine, the effort involved with Information Statement processing has been dramatically reduced. Sundry Debtor invoices will now enjoy all the Payment options available with regular Water Account.

AquaRate/Focus Integration goes live at Wannon Water

Wannon Water went live with the Focus product this morning. The AquaTact CRM is used to gather information regarding the caller and classify the Issues, before being sent to the Focus system for dispatch and resolution. Once the process in the field completes the Customer Support staff can view the outcome back in the AquaTact screens.

The integration between the two products has allowed recorded Customer information to seamlessly flow through to trucks in the field and Job statistics to flow back.

AquaTact goes live at Goulburn Valley Water

Goulburn Valley Water has “Gone Live” with the Thinking Windows CRM package AquaTact. Jason Dagger has reported that the Customer and Services staff are live on the system recording all contacts from customers within the system. After two days of operation Jason reports that it is exceeding his expectations. The Goulburn Valley project team are to be congratulated on a very positive outcome.

July 2011 User Group Meeting held at Wannon Water

Wannon Water MeetingWannon Water hosted the latest AquaRate User Group at the end of July. The venue was popular and this User Group meeting turned out to be the largest one ever held. All AquaRate customers attended with the exception of Busselton in WA.

The Thinking Windows staff demonstrated features found in the upcoming releases of modules interspersed with customer sessions covering a broad range of topics. Towards the end of the sessions prototype demonstrations were given on the upcoming iPhone App together with the rich AquaWeb application.

The schedules for new releases were announced and this financial year will see all major components improved and upgraded. The main interest focused on the expansion of “Customer Self Help” facilities.

Wannon Water were able to showcase their new premise and the new technology found throughout the building.


What our customers think about our products and services

  • Thinking Windows’ absolute commitment and professional approach to replacing Western Water’s old billing system has resulted in a virtually seamless transition to AquaRate. The project was delivered on time and to budget.
    Peter Donlon // General Manager, Customer and Community Relations at Western Water
  • Thinking Windows worked closely with Western Water staff to deliver a product fully tailored to our current and projected future business needs. Our staff could not be more pleased with the outcome.
    Peter Donlon // General Manager, Customer and Community Relations at Western Water
  • Aquantify allows us to have all our water, wastewater, trade waste, and reuse data in one system, enabling us to easily create very powerful reports accessible by people from all parts of our business.
    Catherine Huf // Monitoring and Reporting Manager, Wannon Water
  • We’ve had Aquantify running for just over 2 months and I can’t think of working without it now! The process for configuring limits and email notifications is a breeze.
    Catherine Huf // Monitoring and Reporting Manager, Wannon Water