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System Overview

Aquantify™ is an enterprise information management solution specifically designed to support a wide range of environmental data. It is particularly well-suited for managing water and wastewater quality data centralized into a single, powerful database engine, enabling efficient monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Features of the system have been designed to support the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) approach to dealing with safety and biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

As a proven tool for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enabling effective decision making, Aquantify™ significantly reduces the cost and effort needed to manage your organisation’s data.

Usage Scenarios
  • Water quality management
  • Wastewater quality management
  • Environmental data management
  • Laboratory data management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Occupational health and safety checks
  • Instrument calibration
  • Chemical delivery
  • Quality control
  • Water reuse management
  • Dam and reservoir monitoring
  • Structural and conditional asset assessment
  • General asset auditing and maintenance scheduling
  • Vehicle checks
  • Tank cleaning schedule
  • Air scouring program
  • etc
Data Collection
  • Operational data accuracy is improved through immediate validation of results and unit of measurement conversions
  • Aquantify™ Mobile apps running on iOS and Android phones and tablets can be used to enter results directly in the field, thus increasing operator efficiency
  • Sampling consistency is driven by the automated task scheduler and sampling program engine
  • Effortless, automated result imports from external data sources such as SCADA, LIMS or data spreadsheets
  • Derived results are calculated automatically by relying on built-in mathematical and statistical expressions
  • Instrument calibration is aided by the calculation engine
Monitoring and Reporting
  • Direct access to live data from varied sources enables timely operational decisions
  • Live notifications can be sent immediately when results breach custom-defined limits, or they can be aggregated and emailed at pre-set time intervals
  • Side-by-side comparative graphing of parameters for trend and correlation analysis is enabled by powerful built-in tools
  • Versatile and customizable search filters and reporting tools aid data analysis and help achieve regulatory compliance
  • Export of results to Excel spreadsheets allows additional flexibility in data analysis
  • Major trade waste billing is supported through integration with Thinking Windows’ AquaRate™ water billing solution, or third-party billing systems
Flexible Configuration
  • User groups can be set up with varied levels of access to different parts of the system
  • Data partitioning allows restriction of access to results depending on the type of data
  • Sample points are organized into hierarchical groups to drive reporting and analysis
  • Complex alert limits and notification rules can be configured with varying granularity
  • Scheduling of sampling programs on ad hoc or recurring basis is supported
  • Parameters are easily defined, with flexible unit of measurement conversion rules
  • Parameters’ test methods can be set up to vary across different sample points
  • Custom attributes can be set up on all major entities in the system to aid with filtering, reporting and analysis
Technical Details

Aquantify™ is an enterprise system consisting of components running on the Windows server, Windows desktop/laptop clients, and iPhone/
iPad devices.


Aquantify™ stores all of its data in a scalable, enterprise-grade back end running on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later.

Windows Client

Aquantify™ desktop application is the main front end component of the system, used for configuration, data entry, analysis and reporting. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 on Windows 7 or later, and utilises Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation for the rich, modern user interface.

iOS Client

Aquantify™ Mobile is a native iOS app used for collecting results in the field, as well as accessing operational information directly from the server back end. It runs on Apple iPhones and iPads with iOS version 7 or later.

Web Service

The web service component is used by the Aquantify™ Mobile app to sync its data to and from the back end database. It runs on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 or later.

Notification Service

Aquantify™ Notification Service is a Windows Service component responsible for processing events, generating and sending email notifications.

Email Import Service

Aquantify™ Email Import Service is a Windows Service tasked with automatically importing result spreadsheets sent to a dedicated email account.

Download Aquantify Brochure PDF for a brief outline of Aquantify.

Download Aquantify System Overview PDF for a detailed overview of the system components and their features.


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In the Media
WaterWorks, May 2014: Operational Data Management at Wannon Water (using Aquantify) - page 14


What our customers think about our products and services

  • Thinking Windows’ absolute commitment and professional approach to replacing Western Water’s old billing system has resulted in a virtually seamless transition to AquaRate. The project was delivered on time and to budget.
    Peter Donlon // General Manager, Customer and Community Relations at Western Water
  • Thinking Windows worked closely with Western Water staff to deliver a product fully tailored to our current and projected future business needs. Our staff could not be more pleased with the outcome.
    Peter Donlon // General Manager, Customer and Community Relations at Western Water
  • Aquantify allows us to have all our water, wastewater, trade waste, and reuse data in one system, enabling us to easily create very powerful reports accessible by people from all parts of our business.
    Catherine Huf // Monitoring and Reporting Manager, Wannon Water
  • We’ve had Aquantify running for just over 2 months and I can’t think of working without it now! The process for configuring limits and email notifications is a breeze.
    Catherine Huf // Monitoring and Reporting Manager, Wannon Water