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AquaRate™ is a highly flexible and scalable water billing solution. Designed for Australian water utilities, the system focuses on providing first class customer service whilst ensuring government regulations are met.

A powerful relational database engine is at the heart of the system and controls both the billing and customer relationship information.

AquaRate™ is a best-of-breed application and integrates with major financial packages as well as GIS solutions. AquaRate has a web presence as well as its own meter reading application. The system also has direct links to Landata and Anstat for automated information statement processing.

AquaRate™ is a complete solution for domestic water utilities and is expanding to cater for utilities managing irrigation supplies.


AquaStats™ is the AquaRate™ statistics module which has been developed to provide the managed collection and storage of statistical data that every water utility requires.

The data collected and reported on is completely auditable. The system is specifically designed to manage multiple iterations/snapshots of data over time and according to user defined parameters, allowing management and auditors complete transparency of statutory data. The data gathering programs, and the created database views will ensure both accuracy and consistency of published information, when comparing chronological trends, as well as assuring statutory bodies of consistent comparable statistics.

The data views will provide simplified access for utility users to many facets of data. The user does not need any specialised database knowledge as the complex data structures have already been resolved. The user simply needs to access data from the database views that have been created. Numerous reports have been developed so users have access to both high level and detailed statistical data from the water utility database.


AquaTact™ is the Customer Relationship Management partner to AquaRate™. This module is responsible for managing the water utilities' call centre activity.

The system is tightly integrated with the customer and property information and this ensures that that all customer contacts are accurately recorded and classified.

AquaTact™ has direct links to the corporate GIS system and may also integrate with asset management and job allocation systems.


AquaCert™ is the module responsible for processing automated information statement requests.

AquaCert™ utilises the web service implementation of the Vendor Statement Certificates Online project. Information statement requests are now received through a direct web connection with the originating systems web server and transmitted back through the same method.

AquaCert™ is helping water utilities meet the stringent key performance indicators for information statement production. AquaCert™ also has direct links to the corporate GIS system ensuring accurate parcel identification.


AquaRead™ is the meter reading solution for AquaRate™.

This system utilises web services to communicate with the mobile device and meter readers may import and export reading rounds whilst in the field using wireless communications. For rural utilities, the cost savings on fuel and travel time can be substantial and the efficiency of the meter readers improves dramatically.

AquaRead™ can be installed on any Pocket PC running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 operating system, so the utility can choose their own hardware.

Additionally, AquaRead™ features extensive support for automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems.


AquaFlow™ is the irrigation reading solution for AquaRate™. The system brings field force enablement to the bailiffs and management working in a rural setting.

AquaFlow™ manages the complete cycle of rural water delivery and gives daily volume information back to head office. The system is able to take readings from a variety of delivery solutions, from recording head height to readings from an irrigation meter.

AquaFlow™ also keeps track of the volume of water in the channel system by recording the flows through the various off-takes in the network. The system assists the utility by providing timely electronic data capture and transmission.


NetBill is the web-based billing companion for AquaRate™. Hosted on the authorities' web site, the application delivers billing information directly to the recipient. When new invoices are generated by the system an email notification is sent to the recipient announcing “you have bills”. Corporate managers can supervise accounts staff and approve payments to the authority.

The system is designed to accept EFT transfers and assists the authorities' bank reconciliation processes. Additional downloads are available to the end user enabling the billing information to be taken up by products like Biz Talk.


AquAlert™ is a custom designed messaging service. It complements the AquaTact™ product by providing notification services to end users participating in various work flows within the organisation. It behaves in a similar way to Microsoft’s Outlook notification mechanism announcing to the end user when they have new tasks assigned to them.

The messenger interface will launch the AquaTact™ CRM product and position the display at the newly assigned task.


Aquire™ is an asset mapping solution for collecting GPS locations of water meters in the field. It runs on Trimble GeoExplorer-series handhelds, with support for attached laser range-finders.

Being a sibling application of our AquaRead™ meter reading solution, it utilises two-way wireless communication between the water authority’s server and the handheld device. This allows the operator to walk the standard meter reading round, collect GPS coordinates of each meter, and transmit that information back to the AquaRate™ system server while still in the field.

With Trimble’s data correction, the system records positions with 10cm accuracy. This provides highly accurate location information that can help water authorities with those hard to find meters, and enhances the quality of the GIS data, optionally providing support for installing a wireless fixed network for automatic and remote reading of water meters.


AquaZap™ is a companion application to AquaRead™, our hand-held meter reading solution, and is used to set up and configure Itron’s Cyble RF modules. The Cyble modules provide powerful smart-metering functions and allow meters to be read remotely via a wireless radio link.

AquaZap™ runs on Windows Mobile handheld devices and enables water authorities to perform system configuration of Cyble modules already installed in the field using the same technology for remote wireless communication.


AquaAudit™ is a mobile application designed for today’s tablet. It is a survey application designed to record information pertaining to fire services and backflow devices.

The application can communicate from the field and uses web services to download and upload its working set of data.




What our customers think about our products and services

  • Thinking Windows’ absolute commitment and professional approach to replacing Western Water’s old billing system has resulted in a virtually seamless transition to AquaRate. The project was delivered on time and to budget.
    Peter Donlon // General Manager, Customer and Community Relations at Western Water
  • Thinking Windows worked closely with Western Water staff to deliver a product fully tailored to our current and projected future business needs. Our staff could not be more pleased with the outcome.
    Peter Donlon // General Manager, Customer and Community Relations at Western Water
  • Aquantify allows us to have all our water, wastewater, trade waste, and reuse data in one system, enabling us to easily create very powerful reports accessible by people from all parts of our business.
    Catherine Huf // Monitoring and Reporting Manager, Wannon Water
  • We’ve had Aquantify running for just over 2 months and I can’t think of working without it now! The process for configuring limits and email notifications is a breeze.
    Catherine Huf // Monitoring and Reporting Manager, Wannon Water

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